Apple helps foster creativity with Everyone Can Create curriculum

Apple is a name synonymous with devices catered to adults, young adults, teens, and even kids. The company has an extensive portfolio of products and software which are used for leisure, business, and learning. A few months ago, the company took their initiative to innovate into the classroom and the results were astounding to say the least. With 350 schools, Apple introduced the Everyone Can Create Curriculum, which is tailored for helping educators make learning interesting for kids by incorporating music, drawing, videos, and photos as a part of the process.

Apple iPad Everyone can create

The program started in March 2018 and it saw immense success as 350 schools had signed up. Apple also used 504 stores across 24 countries to hold sessions for the program, using the lesson plan to give hands-on training to kids with the Apple Pencil and iPad. The program is dubbed Apple Teacher Tuesday Sessions, and has so far reached out to over 5,000 teachers.

Gamification is slowly seeping its way to our course books, making gaming a part of learning. CodeCombat is a great example of incorporating incentives in learning by bringing the element of video games and rewards into the learning mix. What a student would otherwise pay for and just idly play, is now being utilized to teach them programming, coding, and other valuable skills for the digital age of education.

To further facilitate learning, Apple has introduced Everyone Can Create series of books, which are currently available in English. Other languages are promised to be delivered by the end of 2018. The series of books are titled:

  • Everyone Can Create Drawing on iPad
  • Everyone Can Create Music on iPad
  • Everyone Can Create Video on iPad
  • Everyone Can Create Photo on iPad

Apple has had a long history of helping educate the minds of tomorrow, today. The new program looks to make use of Apple’s innovation to increase their efforts even further. Working in collaboration with educators and experts of the field, the program aims to bring out the best talent in kids, early in life. There is already a good offering of versatile software to start the learning process early with apps like GarageBand, Clips, iMovie, and Swift Playgrounds. These are only a small part of the immense learning experience that schools participating in the program can help put into the mind of kids today. Aided with an iPad and the Apple Pencil, there is an unparalleled reach for creativity here.

Apple iPad Everyone can create books

Education is taking an entirely new shape and form, as digital classrooms are being adapted the world over. In the day and age where technology is going to be a mandatory part of the world, it is better to start preparing children for that challenge early in life. If Apple can introduce some creativity and life into the learning cycle, there is definitely going to be a sharp increase of students who will look forward to school every morning.

You can find further information about the programs by going here and here. You can download the iBooks for free from theĀ App store.