Apple has released iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 8 [features and changes]

Apple has released iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 8 to developers. The update is available over-the-air as well as as complete firmware downloads for registered developers. Public beta 7 is also available now as over-the-air update.

iOS 13 and iPadOS

iOS 13 and iPadOS will release this fall with a number of major new features like a system-wide dark mode, performance improvements, updates to Photos, Camera, Maps, Notes, Reminders, Health, Safari and Shortcuts, Memoji Stickers, iMessage name and photos, Voice Control and much more.

iOS 13 beta 8 and iPadOS beta 8

iOS 13 beta 8 and iPadOS beta 8 are minor updates as evident by their update file size. The build number is 17A5572a. iOS 13 and iPadOS public beta 7 are also available now 

iOS 13 beta 7 and iPadOS beta 7

The new beta is available now with build number 17A5565b. Apple has also released iOS 13 public beta 6 and iPadOS public beta 6 to users.

iOS 13 beta 6 & iPadOS beta 6

Beta number 6 was released to developers with build number 17A5556d. So far, we have noticed the following changes:

  • 4G/LTE icon/text in status bar back to normal.
  • New ‘Dark Appearance’ toggle now available in Control Center.iOS 13 iPadOS Control Center Dark Apperance toggle
  • You can now toggle Dark Mode via Siri.
  • New ‘Hide Link Previews’ options allows users to hide link previews that show up when long press on URLs in Safari and other apps. This change only applies to individual apps, there is no global setting.iOS 13 iPadOS Hide Link Previews
  • Folder transparency has been reduced and it now matches your wallpaper color.
  • Volume slider is back to 16 increments from 34 increments in previous beta.
  • New App Store splash screen.iOS 13 iPadOS App Store Splash Screen
  • New Photos app splash screen.iOS 13 iPadOS Photos Splash Screeens

iOS 13 beta 5 & iPadOS beta 5

The build number for both beta updates is 17A5547d. At the time of writing, Apple has not shared any release notes for these new beta updates. However, Apple has shared a note in Developer Center Downloads section that developers using iOS 13 beta 5 or iPadOS beta 5 must also upgrade to Xcode 11 beta 5.

  • When you long press on links in Safari, the ‘Open in new tab’ option shows again. Safari on iPadOS now also shows ‘Open in new window’.
    Open in new tab-2
  • Files app has an updated long press menu. It now has a divider in its design. Favorites have also disappeared from Files app sidebar.
    Files app
  • Shortcuts Automation is gone.
    Shortcut Automations-2
  • After update, a new screen asks if you want to use dark mode or light mode.
  • Share menu has some much needed design improvements. ‘Edit actions’ makes it easy to mark your favorite ones, which shows in its own section.
    Updated share menu-2Edit Actions - Share Menu-2
  • Screenshots show rounded corners now – not sure if bug or intentional.
  • A new ‘app icon size’ option lets you switch back to iOS 12 style iPad home screen.
  • Changing volume on iPhone now invokes Haptic feedback. You can feel the phone rumbling when you change volume and a stronger feedback when you hit the top or lowest volume levels.
  • Performance seems smoother than beta 4.
  • 3D Touch quick actions menus work fine again on the home screen.
  • Music app shows the lyrics icon as grayed out when there are none available.
  • New wallpapers in Home app.
  • You can now pin more than 2 widgets on the home screen but they probably wont all show at the same time, depending on their sizes.
  • You can now re-open a closed window from the app switcher.
  • 4G/LTE icon/text in status bar has been tweaked.
  • There’s a new animation when switching between light and dark modes.

Update: iOS 13 and iPadOS Public beta 4 was released on Wednesday, July 31.

iOS 13 beta 4 and iPadOS beta 4

Build number for iOS 13 beta 4 is 17A5534f. So far, we have found the following changes, which also apply to iPadOS.

  • Performance improvements throughout the system. Animations are better but not perfect yet.
  • Touch responsiveness is also improved.
  • Multitasking is noticeably faster on iPhone X and other devices.
  • 3D Touch is working again on compatible devices.
  • Share menu has ben improved. The colors have been tweaked to make clickable items more obvious.
iOS 13 Share Menu
  • 3D Touch quick action menus on home screen have a slightly improved look. A new ‘Rearrange Apps’ option is also available which allows moving app icons on home screen, however it doesn’t work for apps in the dock. 
Rearrange apps iOS 13
Rearrange apps iOS 13 Dock
  • You can also 3D touch and start moving the icon to rearrange it.
  • Voice messages in Messages app has a new icon.
iOS 13 Messages voice icon
  • Edit icon for widgets is rounder.
iOS 13 widgets edit
  • 3D & Haptic Touch section in Settings has been revamped. 
3D & Haptic Touch iOS 13
  • A number of issues with iCloud Drive have been resolved, however, there are still some issues pending fixes.
  • You can now disable QuickPath/swipe keyboard.
  • ‘Announce Messages with Siri’ is now available for third-party messaging apps too.
  • Apple has also fixed the password security issue which let you open ‘Website & App Passwords’ in Settings, without entering a PIN code.
  • Search bars now have a light gray background in dark mode.
  • Text in notification has a smaller font now.
  • Settings items are larger now, making them easier to tap.

Installing iOS 13 & iPadOS beta

If you already have an existing beta installed on your iOS device, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the new version. Otherwise, to download and install iOS 13 or iPadOS beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can follow either of the methods below:

Developer beta

To download and install the developer beta, you need to register to Apple Developer Center for a $99/year membership. This gives you access to the beta profile for iOS 13 and iPadOS, along with the complete IPSW files for each one of them, as well as the betas for macOS Catalina, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13.

Public beta

Apple usually releases public beta builds later than developer betas. These builds are usually more stable than developer betas but still not recommended to be used on primary devices. To get access to public betas, head over to Apple Beta Software Program website and register to download the beta profile for your device.

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