Apple expects to sell 75M iPhones in second half of 2019

Apple is gearing up to sell 75 million iPhones in the last 2 quarters of 2019. Component manufacturers for iPhone are gearing up to meet the demand, which is almost the same as 2018’s second half sales numbers. This signals stabilization in demand for iPhone, however, there is no uptick in sales either.

2019 iPhone triple lens camera

Apple might be feeling confident that iPhone 11’s features might convince enough users to upgrade. Whether Apple will reduce prices to help move more units is yet to be seen. If they do, it will be first time since iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s launch that Apple would be reducing smartphones prices. The company was already pressurized to reduce prices and offer trade-in incentives in different markets, due to lower demand for iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Weak demand in China and inflation lead Apple to cut down costs as well as cut down production.

As per Bloomberg, Apple’s component suppliers in Asia are ready to ramp up production to 80 million units if needed. This is similar to the sales figures estimated by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. If this is to happen, this would be much needed year-over-year improvement in sales figures for iPhones. However, considering the increased prices, is it less likely to happen.

Apple is planning on adding 3 cameras to its 2019 OLED iPhones, and A13 processors to all iPhone 11 models for faster performance. The 3 camera system would enable a new smart frame feature which would allow users to change perspective by reframing and re-cropping photos and videos after capture. The third wide-angle lens would help in making this feature possible. iPhone XR’s successor will not get this feature due to single lens camera, however, it might get an improved front-facing camera like its more expensive siblings.

The design for 2019 iPhones will be very similar to 2018 iPhones, which might not convince many users to upgrade. At $1,000 price point, buyers tend to upgrade gadgets less often unless there are major design changes. 2020 iPhones are expected to get brand new designs as well as 5G.

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