Apple announces Blackmagic Pro eGPU with Radeon Vega 56 for Macs

At the recent Apple event, it was announced that the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini would ship with USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports. Many people speculated that this could open up the possibility for external GPUs (eGPU). As powerful as the MacBook Air can be, its slim form factor hinders integrating a strong GPU into the internal workings of the design. The same problem applies to the Mac Mini. However, Apple’s announcement of Thunderbolt 3 ports means that these new products support external eGPUs.


Blackmagic eGPU Pro

Blackmagic Design, a famous Australian based designer and manufacturer of digital cinema equipment has recently announced a new eGPU solution that works with the Thunderbolt 3 port in compatible Macs. After releasing the Blackmagic eGPU in July 2018, they have now announced the eGPU Pro for late November release.

Blackmagic eGPU Pro features

The new eGPU Pro offers a ton of new features that Mac users will find very appealing:

  • Better Aluminum design for improved heat dissipation and cooling
  • Comes with 4 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x Thunderbolt 3 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort 1.4 that can output up to 5k display resolution
  • 85 W power delivery which power the GPU and charges the MacBook too
  • It is powered by the RX Vega 56 which is vastly superior to the Blackmagic eGPU’s Radeon Pro 580 GPU

Blackmagic eGPU Pro ports

The eGPU Pro is highly recommended if you use DaVinci Resolve which is a very sophisticated video-editor that is also made by Blackmagic in collaboration with Apple. Users can expect the following benefits when using eGPU Pro with DaVinci Resolve:

  • Unprecedented color correction with better real-time effects. Users spend less time editing and more time fine tuning scenes.
  • Finishing DaVinci Resolve operations is significantly faster than before. This includes film grain, noise reduction, etc.
  • Beneficial for VR developers and gamers to render high-resolution images, at better FPS. Users also get more detailed images, lighting, and textures in their projects.

All of this works seamlessly with macOS Mojave. Native eGPU support was added to compatible Macs that have a Thunderbolt 3 port. You don’t need to spend any time setting up the eGPU or running complicated scripts.

The benchmarks below help illustrate the differences between the eGPU and eGPU Pro when it comes to DaVinci Resolve (courtesy of News Shooter).

DaVinci Resolve with eGPU

DaVinci Resolve with eGPU Pro

Blackmagic eGPU Pro Price & Availability

eGPU Pro will ship in Late November for $1199 while eGPU is available right now for $699.