Apollo, the best Reddit app for iOS, gets even better with v1.2

Apollo Reddit app for iOS has been updated to version 1.2 with a large number of new features and bug fixes. The new version adds faster GIF and media loading, a progress bar for GIFs, jump button to navigate between top-level comments, video duration in feed, alternative browser choices and much more.

Apollo for Reddit for iOS

Christian Selig, the developer behind Apollo and a former intern at Apple, had been hard at work ever since the last release in February. In my opinion, Apollo was already the best Reddit app on any platform, even before update 1.2. It has it all: inline media previews, in-app YouTube videos playback, GIF scrubbing (which no other app has), ability to add subreddits as favorites without subscribing, night mode, multiple icon choices and a great gesture based UX for the usual Reddit features for reading, commenting, saving posts, user profiles, search and messages. With version 1.2, Christian has added polish to these features in areas where it felt like they could work better.

An example is how Apollo used to handle GIFs. Some features like GIF playback did not work as intended. GIF loading was slow and tapping on them to open in full-screen meant that they would re-load again, instead of from the cache. While you could swipe to scrub backward or forward in a GIF, the implementation was not as smooth. With the new update, you can now tap on a GIF and it will continue playing in the full-screen view, without re-loading. GIFs also load really fast now which simply makes the app much better to use. The same can be said for other features like media viewing, new options for browsers and YouTube Videos, jumping between comments and much more. Once you get used to Apollo, it simply ruins all other Reddit apps for you, no matter on iOS or Android.

Check out the massive change log here and the video put together by Christian for version 1.2 features:

Can Apollo be further improved? Yes. There are some bugs with the new update that need fixing. In terms of new features, the ability to add user profiles to favorites is still missing. An iPad specific design is also going to be the focus of upcoming updates for the app.

In case you are still looking for a Reddit app for iPhone, give Apollo a try as it’s free to download. An optional in-app purchase unlocks all features. It falls in the same category of apps as Tweetbot and Hello Weather.

Beware, because of Apollo, you might start spending too much time on Reddit.

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