All you need to know about Zombie Mode In PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been a huge success on mobile and the developers have introduced a new mode which includes zombies. This new event mode is called “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn” and is a collaboration between PUBG and Resident Evil 2. Different zombies from Resident Evil series are part of PUBG thanks to this update. Players can win different cosmetics from Resident Evil 2 as well, including skins for Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong and Marvin Branaugh.

The twist isn’t just that. It’s the fact that AI doesn’t control the zombies rather players play as them. A few human players versus a horde of rushing zombie players ready to eat their brains? Sounds delicious. 

In this particular mode, zombies and human players drop alongside each other. If you’re a human, kill all the zombies – which is pretty difficult. If you’re a zombie, kill all the humans. Sounds easy enough.

PUBG Zombie Mode

Zombie Mode in PUBG

For a player to get into a game of Zombies, you need to have a custom game available. Click Custom Games, while in PUBG’s menu, and sort Zombies in the filter. The problem with this mode is that you have very less chances of playing as human. Moreover, some players believe that playing as a Zombie is quite boring, given the fact that you can not gather loot or make winning strategies. And it definitely sucks if you land near humans where they can pick you off right at the start without you forming a horde. 

But that should not stop you from playing as a Zombie. It just means you have to work a tad bit hard and have fun in the process. You should mainly try to aim for landing near School or Pecado on each map. Zombies obviously can not use vehicles so it helps when you have to travel less. However, if you see a human going for a car, not to worry. You can punch out the tires by crouching next to them and hitting them.

Obviously in the beginning, human players try and keep their distance. So you can have fun by coming in close to scare them and force them into a corner, until you can gather your forces to attack together because that certainly helps a lot. Be sure to stick to your horde. If you get knocked, your undead teammates can back you up.

As a human player, remember that no matter how much ammo you have it will not be enough. Communication is key. Because only your squad can help you kill all the zombies – unlike a normal PUBG game. 

When a horde of Zombies is running at you, be sure to run faster than them as your life depends on it. Or as a lot of people would say, run like there is a wild dog chasing you. Try to unequip the weapons you’re not using as it helps in running fast.

During daytime, Zombies are easy to spot from a distance and take down. However, during night time, visibility goes down and Zombies also get more aggressive. So keep your distance as per the time of day in the game.

One of the basic elements of having fun in this mode is that if the horde is having fun, so are you. Try to give the Zombies a chance to run after you, or make a huge horde run after you. Go in the mode with the idea of having fun, not just winning. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Given that Zombies can not equip themselves with anything, try to ditch armour or the 8x scopes so that they have a fighting chance and the field is level.

This mode, according to me, is best for having fun. You go in, as humans or Zombies, and have a great time. Run around like crazy. Not every game mode needs to be chaotic and guns blazing. I hope this helps you in playing the new Zombies mode. 

Happy Gaming!