AirPods 2, Apple Watch Series 5 and 7nm A13 chip: Digitimes Report

Digitimes has published new reports on a number of Apple’s alleged new product releases which include A13 chips, AirPods 2, Apple Watch Series 5 and iPads. Based on supply chain sources, Digitimes has information that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) might be manufacturing a 7 nanometer A13 Chip for 2019 iPhones. Furthermore, it reports that consumers can expect new iPads and AirPods to be released in summer this year. Without any details, Digitimes states that Apple might also be releasing an upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 4 this year. Lastly, Digitimes claims that Apple will reduce the production of MacBook units but will increase production of AirPods and iPads instead.


Designed by Apple, TSMC manufactures A series chips to power iOS devices. The company will allegedly use the same 7 nanometer process in the new A13 chips, which was used in A12 chip last year. 7 nanometer is a dense fabrication process which delivers more efficient power consumption and faster performance. It is also speculated that for the first time, TSMC would use extreme ultraviolet lithography in manufacturing of new A13 chips. The alleged production of the A13 chip will swell up in the second quarter this year. Faster and more efficient processor to power  new iOS devices sounds promising but we will have to see how much further can Apple push the performance barrier.

In addition to news of alleged release of new iPads, Digitimes claims that new AirPods are in the offing too. Predicted to be released in the first half of 2019, AirPods 2 might support health features. A report by MySmartPrice reiterates that claim. The website writes that AirPods 2 will have the same design and battery as the first generation AirPods but will have better audio quality and more sensors to support new health features. It further adds that AirPods 2 might be available in black and white color options and would have a new coating on top to improve grip. The alleged price of the new AirPods might be $200. Current generation AirPods are sold for $159.

Lastly, Digitimes predicts the release of Apple Watch Series 5 and believes that Apple will increase the production of Apple Watch and AirPods units by a considerable number.

via 9to5mac

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