New AirPod, iPhone and iPad features leaked in iOS 12 Beta 5

With iOS 12 beta 5, a number of new features have leaked that will be coming soon to AirPods, iPhones and iPads. For AirPod, the much awaited wireless charging case and for iPhones, dual-SIM support have been found in iOS 12 beta 5. Thanks to icons and assets, future iPad models are also expected to go bezel-less and received the same rounded corner treatment as iPhone X.

Wireless AirPods Case

Within the new build, images of a new AirPod charging case have been discovered. The new case has an LED light on the outside, which turns green or ember, based on the charging status. The model identified for these new AirPods is AirPods1,2, while for the current ones, it is AirPods1,1. Apple had originally announced that a wireless charging case will be available for AirPods, which would work with AirPower, but neither of them have been released yet. It is not clear whether Apple will make the new wireless charging case available only for new AirPods or allow existing users to upgrade their charging cases too.

AirPods wireless case

iPhone X Plus with Landscape apps and dual-SIM support

With iPhone X, even though the screen is larger than iPhone 8 Plus, Apple did not include a landscape mode. This is primarily due to the narrowness of the screen, despite a larger display. There have been rumors that Apple is working on a Plus sized version of iPhone X for this year’s new models and it has been confirmed by iHelp BR that the larger variant will have a landscape mode. Whether the new iPhones will be called XI, or 9, it is yet to be seen.

iPhone X landscape mode

Another useful new addition is expected to be dual-SIM support. Dual-SIM support is very popular in Asian countries and it is expected to be a part of the next generation of iPhones, thanks to references to ‘second SIM status’, ‘second SIM tray status’ and ‘dual sim device’ found in iOS 12 beta 5. It might be possible that Apple would restrict this feature only for larger versions of the iPhone, due to space constraints.

iPad Pro with FaceID, thin bezels and rounded corners

Considering that iOS 12 has brought iPhone X gestures to iPad users, it is highly expected that iPad Pro will get FaceID, bezel-less design and rounded corners. This has been confirmed thanks to some new image assets found in iOS 12 beta 5, along with some code which has references to FaceID for a new iPad Pro model.

2018 iPad with no bezels

Image via 9to5mac

This is not the first time that future product information has been leaked thanks to an iOS release. Almost all the features included in HomePod were leaked, were leaked before release via iOS 11.2.5. Seeing that this is happening again, it seems that Apple has found a new avenue to purposefully leak future product information to create excitement amongst customers. If not, Apple is unable to control the leakage of information again. This time, it’s coming straight from Apple Park, rather than their supply chain in China.