Adobe Photoshop CC & other apps headed to iPad in 2019

Adobe Photoshop is one of the must-have apps for any content creators. The software has historically been available on desktops and requires a modestly strong machine to run smoothly. It seems that Adobe has found a way to replicate the experience on an iPad. Among the new features announced for the software, you can now share PSD files between desktop and iPad using cloud storage so you can continue your work on the go.


Adobe Photoshop CC – iPad Edition

There have been lite versions of Adobe’s apps offered on the App Store since some time, but Adobe has been working on porting over the full Photoshop CC experience to the iPad. Adobe has announced that Photoshop CC for iPad is currently in preview phase and will have signups open up later this year, while a full rollout is expected in 2019 for Creative Cloud users.

Keep in mind that features in Photoshop preview will be limited so don’t expect to have a full fledged experience. The features ported to iPad will include basic tools like lasso, eraser, clone-stamp, smudge, and others. Users will be able to add, delete and adjust layers too. The app will also allow users to save their work as a PSD on iPad, import it to Adobe’s cloud and sync it to their desktop.

Project Aero – Adobe & ARKit

Bring your 3D artwork from Adobe Dimensions to life with the help of Project Aero. Aero is Adobe’s tool which will let users take advantage of Apple’s ARKit, Apple’s proprietary Augmented Reality toolkit, that is readily available on iPads and iPhones without any additional software required. Adobe Aero allows creators of Dimensions to import their work and preview it in real-time, powered by ARKit 2.0.

Adobe has said that the preview program will open up later on.

Project Gemini – The Paint Brush Personalized

Kyle Webster is a famed American illustrator and designer who joined Adobe last year and brought his talented brushes along with him for the journey. With Kyle’s help, Adobe was able to create Project Gemini. A dedicated drawing and painting app that works wonders on the iPad. Powered by Adobe Photoshop’s powerful paint engine and running seamlessly on Apple’s robust hardware, Project Gemini will change the way you draw and paint on your iPad, giving your work a more professional look & feel.

Adobe Dimensions 2.0 – The Wonder of 2D in 3D

Adobe Dimensions, the company’s attempt to enter the 3D rendering market, got a 2.0 update. The software is targeted toward helping 2D artists bringing their works to 3D, with the help of Illustrator and Photoshop. The latest update sees improvements to its material system and usability, with the help of a new rendering engine, and the addition of an internal renderer to speed up preview times. The connectivity between Illustrator and Photoshop has been made significantly better and support has been added for a variety of formats from other 3D render software files ready for importing; Autodesk, STL, Sktechup, and FBX.

Adobe Photoshop CC October 2018 update for desktop

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt a prized tool for a variety of content creators. It wouldn’t be where it is today without a plethora of useful updates and features frequently added to it. Adobe continues to improve Adobe Photoshop CC by adding new tools which will undoubtedly increase productivity and also deliver on convenience for users.

Here are some of the new features demoed in a new video by the company:

  • With Content-Aware fill, filling in that missing spot has never been easier.
  • Frame Tool, the struggle of making an image fit into the frame is now solved!
  • Symmetry painting allows you to replicate your current work six-fold in stylish ways by following a variety of design options.
  • Unlimited use of the Command + Z prompt allows you to make the history tab well, history.
  • Auto-Commit allows you to skip pressing the tiny tick button to apply a new entry on to your current project.

Adobe Photoshop has been updated with a host of new features which are sure to boost productivity, but one of the most important changes that wasn’t mentioned in the video is the addition of a new home screen that will teach new comers and returning users about all the bells & whistles in the new update and how to best utilize them. This is a welcome update for new Photoshop users.

Some other minor additions to Photoshop which weren’t shown in the video include:

  • Images will now transform proportionally and restricted to their aspect-ratio. Goodbye to holding down shift!
  • You can double-click on text to edit it instantly, no need to select the layer anymore.
  • Blend mode is now instant and plays in with auto-commit. You no longer have to commit to preview a blend option.
  • Similar to locking the task bar in Windows, you can now lock the panel to prevent it from being accidentally moved while you’re working.

The update will be available for Creative Cloud users later this month.