View from the Park is written and maintained by Imran Hussain. It is a publication which intends to have carefully crafted content focused on technology. The author has been following companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google closely for more than a decade, and his writing is in service to this dedication.

On View from the Park, readers should expect to find highly opinionated tech essays, reviews of some well crafted software and hardware along with guides to getting things done. You can always expect quality and in-depth coverage of all topics covered on this website.

While not referring to himself in third-person, Imran can be found rambling on Twitter about topics such as super hero movies, music, games, world news and other things. He has also prepared himself to answer questions on why this website is called View from the Park. Perhaps, this question, too, shall be answered in the form of a tech essay.

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iCloud is my go-to syncing solution. I use it regularly to sync photos, screenshots, files, Tweetbot timeline and Bear notes.


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