2021 iPhone will ship with both Face ID and Touch ID

Apple will launch 2021 iPhone with both Face ID and full-screen display Touch ID, as per a new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This would be a departure from Apple’s current stance where all high-end iOS devices are moving to Face ID, while Touch ID is used on Macs and low-end iOS devices. If the report is correct, Apple would use ultrasonic sensing for full-display finger print scanning.

FaceID and TouchID on 2021 iPhone

Finger print scanners under the display have become very common in Android phones. Companies have taken advantage of both ultra-sonic as well as other solutions to implement finger-print scanners, with varying degree of success. Speed and accuracy are not as good as conventional fingerprint scanners like Touch ID, however, the ease of use and convenience make up for the lack in performance.

It has long been rumored that Apple has some sort of multi-biometric authentication in their plans. As per Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple planned to implement under-the-display fingerprint scanning in iPhone X, but Face ID tech’s success made them switch.

A quote from Minh-Chi Kuo’s note acquired by MacRumors says:

In terms of technology, we predict that four critical technical issues of FOD will significantly improve in 12–18 months, including module thickness, sensing area, power consumption, and lamination yield rate. Therefore, we believe that Apple will launch the new iPhone equipped with both Face ID and FOD to enhance security and convenience thanks to the multi-biometrics.

If Apple is able to get under-the-display Touch ID right, it is likely that they might use it in future iterations of Apple Watch, iPad and maybe iPod Touch.

The rumor mill is going full-speed nowadays with news, not just for 2019 iPhones, but also beyond. With 3 cameras in iPhone 11, 3D cameras and 5G in iPhone 12 and dual-biometric authentication in iPhone 13, there is a lot to look forward to.

via MacRumors

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