2020 iPhones to have full-screen TouchID, no 3D Touch & new SE model – Report

Apple might be planning to add full-screen TouchID in 2020 iPhone models, as per a report by Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis. The report sources information from people close to Apple’s supply chain in Asia. The report goes on to say that 3D Touch will be removed from 2019 iPhones and a successor to iPhone SE will be released in 2020, with iPhone 8 internals. The OG iPhone SE has the internals of iPhone 6s.

2019 iPhone triple lens camera
Image via Digit.in

As shared by MacRumors, the report also mentions the below items:

  • 2019 iPhones will have almost no design changes except the addition of triple cameras.
  • 3D Touch will be removed from all 2019 iPhones i.e. the successors to iPhone XS and XS Max. It is expected that Apple will replace 3D Touch with Haptic Touch, which is already a part of iPhone XR.
  • iPhone XR’s successor will have 4GB RAM, instead of 3GB.
  • 2020 iPhones will shop with 5G, 3D camera and full-screen TouchID.
  • iPhone SE 2 might finally be released in 2020. This device will have the same internals, as iPhone 8 which means it will be a powerful device in a small package. Whether Apple will increase its price too is anybody’s guess.
  • LG will start supplying OLED displays for 2019 iPhones. Currently, only Samsung supplies OLED displays to Apple for iPhones. Apple has invested a lot of money in LG’s OLED display capabilities so it’s about time that LG starts producing them at the level required by Apple.

Take some of these reports with a grain of salt as suppliers are not always well aware of Apple’s internal plans in Cupertino. I doubt that Apple would go back from FaceID to TouchID as that is not the type of move that the company makes. It would be akin to adding the headphone jack back to iPhone.

However, it has been reported before by The Wall Street Journal, and other websites, that Apple will be removing 3D Touch in future phones. As a user of this feature, I’m not really onboard with this idea. Instead, I hoped that Apple would implement 3D Touch on iPad some day.

The rumor mill is in full swing and we expect it to stay that way until September when Apple usually launches new iPhones. Other sources have said that Apple will ship news iPhones with dual Bluetooth audio output, triple camera setupWi-Fi 6two-way wireless charging and USB-C so there is a lot to look forward to.