2019 iPhones will have two-way wireless charging and larger batteries

As per a new report by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will be adding two-way wireless charging support and larger batteries to 2019 iPhones. This means that users would be able to use the new iPhones to wirelessly charge other devices like iPhones and AirPods. Samsung already has such functionality available in their Galaxy line-up of smartphones.

2019 iPhone triple lens camera

To accommodate the new Qi-capable wireless charing functionality, Apple will have to increase the battery capacities for the new iPhones. As per Minh, the battery capacities are expected to increase by 10-15% for iPhone XS Max, 20-25%f or iPhone XS and 0-5% for iPhone XR successors, respectively. Apple will continue with the same device categories as the 2018 models, as well as the same display types. XS and XS Max successor will have an OLED display, while the XR successor will have an LCD display.

Minh’s report says:

We expect the new 2H19 iPhone models will support two-way wireless charging. Though the iPhone is not the first high-end smartphone to be equipped with two-way wireless charging, this new function could make it more convenient for users to charge the new AirPods and create a better integrated user experience of the iPhone and AirPods.

Back in February, Minh-Chi had reported that 2019 iPhones will gain new features which include frosted glass casing, new technology for better indoor positioning, upgraded Face ID, triple cameras and more.

The new 5.8″ OLED may support DSDS, and the new 6.1″ LCD may be upgraded to 4GB. All of part of the new models’ main upgrades include Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) for indoor positioning and navigation, frosted glass casing, bilateral wireless charging for charging other devices, upgraded Face ID (with a higher power flood illumination), larger batteries, and triple camera feature (wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide lens).

Minh also reported that 2019 iPhones will ship with Lightning connector instead of USB-C, which would be a major disappointment. Apple has already moved 2018 iPad Pro line-up to USB-C, but held back the new 2019 iPad Air and iPad mini models to stick with Lightning. Their reason for this is that USB-C is targeted towards ‘Pro’ devices, which does not make sense at all.

Given that 2019 is not an ‘S’ year for iPhones, it is expected that Apple will have major new upgrades. Usually, technology gets cheaper as it matures, but that has not been happening lately with the iPhone or iPad Pro. Let’s hope that the price does not get an upgrade again in 2019.

via MacRumors