2019 iMacs score well against iMac Pro in Geekbench Benchmarks

As per new Geekbench comparisons, the new high-end iMacs released in 2019 score so well that they beat iMac Pro in certain benchmarks. Specifically in single-core performance, the eight generation Core i5 and Core i9 processors in 27-inch iMac beat the Intel Xeon processors in iMac Pro.

Apple iMac

Geekbench is one of the most popular CPU and GPU benchmarking tools around and supports multiple platforms and device types. John Poole from Geekbench posted some benchmarks which highlight the performance improvements in the new 2019 iMacs, compared to the 2017 iMacs.

First up in the comparison were the 21.5-inch models. In single-core performance, the improvements were between 5-10%, while in multi-core tests, performance improvements were between 10-50%. John attributes the improvements to higher clock speeds and core counts in the new Intel processors.

Between the new 27-inch iMac and the previous model, the performance improvements paint a similar picture. Single-core performance has improved by 6-11% while multi-core performance has improved by 43-49% for 6-core models and by 66% for 8-core models. Again, the improvements are attributed to higher clock speeds and core counts in the new processors.

The most interesting comparison is between the 27-inch iMac and iMac Pro. Both 6-core and 8-core variants of the 27-inch iMac provide tough competition to the 8-core and 10-core iMac Pro models. In single-core performance, the 27-inch iMac beats the iMac Pro by 16%, however, it loses out by 10% in multi-core benchmarks.

The main reason that the new iMac Pro lost in single-core benchmarks is that the Skylake based Intel Xeon W processors are not the latest ones in 2019. Intel has released newer Xeon processors sine 2017 but Apple has not updated the iMac Pro with the newer chips.

The new iMacs provide much needed performance improvements, while keeping the same old beloved design. Apple did not update anything else apart from the CPUs and GPUs. Displays, RAM, storage and price points are the same as before. However, Apple did reduce the price for some high-end storage and RAM upgrades for iMac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro.