2018 iPad Pro out-of-warranty repair fees start from $499

The new iPad Pro is truly a beauty to behold. With its new all-screen display, FaceID, fast performance and gorgeous design, it costs a more than its predecessors. This not only impacts its price but also its AppleCare and repair costs. Apple updated their iPad repair page to adjust for the new 11-inch and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. While repairs and replacement are covered in the warranty period, out of warranty repair is where your money is going to disappear.

iPad Pro 11-inch 12.9-inch

You can see from the table below how expensive out-of-warranty repairs are:

Though it is expensive, but AppleCare+ for iPad Pro for $129 is definitely the way to go. There are countless benefits to AppleCare+ which easily make it the best way to protect your purchase. AppleCare+ gives you the following benefits:

  • 2 Years worth of service and coverage.
  • Covers 2 incidents of accidental damage.
  • Only costs a flat $49 service fee for iPad Pro and $29 for the Apple Pencil service.
  • Priority access to Apple’s experts on 24/7 chat or phone support.

In addition, AppleCare+ covers iPad Pro accessories, as well as Apple Pencil. So you get insurance for 2 big purchases. The plan helps cover the iPad, battery, bundled USB-C cable, and power adapter.

Repairing the iPad Pro outside of AppleCare+ will cost a fee of $499 for 11-inch model and $649 for 12.9-inch model. Out-of-warranty repair costs are applicable if the below conditions are met:

  • The iPad screen is accidentally damaged or broken.
  • The iPad is over a year old.
  • Other damage to the iPad has occurred or an issue arose from unauthorized modifications.

The new iPad Pro starts from $799, so a sensible purchase would be a two-year long $129 AppleCare+ plan, over paying $499 or $649 in repairs.

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